Cold-Pressed Rapeseed Oil – 500ml


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Bright amber in color and with a distinctive aroma.
Excellent in the kitchen to season dishes.
Very suitable for frying because of the high concentration of oleic acid makes it stable even at high temperatures.
The vegetable oil with the composition of fatty acids most similar to that of olive oil.

Cold Pressing

Cold pressing is the only method that maintains the organoleptic characteristics of the seeds from which the oil is extracted. Unlike industrial production using chemical solvents, cold pressing uses only mechanical force and therefore preserves the purity of the oil, its natural fruity flavor and its components with high nutritional value, such as polyphenols.

Cold pressing provides a lower quantitative yield, but of an extremely superior quality that allows us to obtain the highest quality oils.

Nutritional value

The acidic composition of cold-pressed rapeseed oil is the most similar to that of olive oil, being particularly rich in oleic acid (monounsaturated) and alpha-linolenic acid (polyunsaturated). The latter is the precursor of the so-called omega 3 fatty acids, essential for the good health of the body, which help reduce the concentration of triglycerides in the blood, lower blood pressure and have an anti-inflammatory and protective function for cell membranes, for the nervous and ocular systems.

The acidic profile of rapeseed oil makes it a valuable aid in the prevention of cardiovascular diseases, especially if used to replace animal fats, which are rich in cholesterol and saturated fatty acids. Indeed, rapeseed oil has been defined by the Food and Drug Administration as “a natural reducer of the risk of coronary diseases”, due to the high quality of the fatty acids of which it is composed.

In addition, rapeseed oil is naturally rich in tocopherols (powerful antioxidants), phytosterols (antioxidants and cholesterol controllers) and chlorophyll (antioxidants).


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