Dehusked Sunflower Seeds – 500g


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Helianthus Annuus

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Tasty snack rich in vitamins and healthy minerals.
Help the body to maintain optimal functioning.
Already shelled and without added salt.
Excellent in cold salads and other dishes.
Enrich the flavor of bread and many cakes.
Help improve your mood.


The scientific name Helianthus Annuus derives from Helios which in Greek means sun and Anthos meaning flower, in fact the sunflower is a plant that requires a lot of sunlight, so it is mainly grown in southern Europe, and therefore also throughout Italy.

The first people to cultivate the sunflower, some 3,000 years ago, were the Native Americans who attributed magical powers to it, because they understood the properties of its seeds, which were widely used both as part of their daily diet, as well as in natural medical treatments.

The sunflower seeds were ground into flour to make cakes, polenta or bread and were also present in the diet of the native tribes mixed with other vegetables, such as pumpkin and beans. The sunflower plant was brought to Europe by Spanish explorers after 1500 and initially spread as an ornamental plant and later for its medicinal uses. The use of the Sunflower Seed as a food and the extraction of its oil only began after 1700.

Preparation tips

Dehusked sunflower seeds are delicious eaten by themselves as a snack, but they can very simply also be introduced into recipes for cold salads and many other dishes. Once ground they can also be added to breakfast yogurt in the morning.

Sunflower seeds are excellent as an addition to dough for homemade bread or cakes to increase the flavor and nutritional value.

Their delicate taste means that they combine well with sweet, savory and even sour flavors. Thanks to their round taste they do not need the addition of salt, but if you prefer them salted, use just a pinch.

Nutritional properties

Sunflower seeds contain iron, copper, zinc and many vitamins, including those of the E group that perform a primary antioxidant function capable of neutralizing free radicals and reducing inflammatory states that are a risk factor for heart disease and neurodegenerative diseases. According to the American National Sunflower Association, a daily dose of 30 grams of sunflower seeds provides almost 70% of the recommended daily intake of this important vitamin.

Another mineral present in large quantities is selenium that works together with vitamin E and plays a role in stabilizing the thyroid.

Daily consumption of oil seeds helps control cholesterol levels thanks to the presence of phytosterols.

Magnesium is another of the properties contained in sunflower seeds, which is important for combating osteoporosis and maintaining a healthy bone structure. The magnesium naturally contained in sunflower seeds helps to balance blood sugar levels and insulin resistance, so it can have a protective effect against the development of type 2 diabetes. In addition, it can also prove helpful for maintaining a good mood and reducing headaches and chronic fatigue.


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