Spello Chickpea Flour – 1000g


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Chickpea flour is naturally nutritious.
Rich in proteins, carbohydrates and fibers.
Essential ingredient in many traditional Italian regional dishes.
Excellent in desserts and biscuits combined with wheat flour.
It has a very delicate flavor and has a distinctive aroma.


100% Spello Chickpea Flour stoneground.

Preparation tips

Its unique flavor makes it indispensable in the preparation of many traditional and regional recipes, such as Cecina pancakes from Tuscany, Panelle fritters from Sicily, Farinata pancakes from La Spezia, creamy chickpea Vellutate and many others.

It is also excellent combined with soft wheat flour in the preparation of desserts and biscuits.
Chickpea Flour has a naturally yellow color and a very fine grain size, which makes it perfect for making frying batters that are very tasty and crunchy, while reducing the absorption of frying oil.

Nutritional value

The chickpea is a legume rich in protein and low in fats, which therefore contributes to a diet that is substantial yet at the same time low in calories, also recommended for those who follow a vegetarian diet.
Spello Chickpea Flour provides calcium, phosphorus, B vitamins, mineral salts, fibers and polyphenols. It is recommended in nutritional oligotherapy and for memory disorders. The chickpea plant is very hardy and does not require special care, grows well even in difficult conditions, and does not require chemical treatments.


Hagrinen flours are stone-ground. This traditional process allows the whole grain of the wheat to be processed with the slow speed of the millstones, thus avoiding overheating the flour, leaving intact the nutritional properties of the grain and preserving the germ that contains important nutrients.

Wheat germ oil enriches the flour with vitamins and minerals such as phosphorus, potassium and magnesium. Furthermore, stone grinding guarantees a healthier and balanced diet, preserving the authentic flavor of the grains used.


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